Racing Wheels - Thrustmaster RS, G27, GT

GT Gaming Wheel

Force GT home driving game wheel

The Logitech Force GT allows you to feel every jolt on the road, wreck and traction loss with powerful realism. With realistic driving car maneuvering, gear changing, braking and speeding, your driving simulation games will appear so real you may just desire to fasten your seat belt.

Thrustmaster Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster RS home driving game wheel

The Thrustmaster T500 game racing wheel is an industry-leading wheel with 5 axes and a clutch pedal for a more lifelike racing experience. It sports 10 function buttons, three aluminum pedals, and performs with the PlayStation 3 issues of Dirt II and SuperCar Challenge. If you would like to experience racing as if you were there on the racing track yourself, then you better get hold of the Thrustmaster T500 RS game driving simulator so that you can experience the drive of your life.

Logitech G27 Wheel

Logitech G27 home driving game wheel

Logitech G27 features a dual-motor force feedback structure and a 6-speed gear shifter, your racing experience will be so realistic to a point that you believe you are driving a real car.